Why This Program is Important

“Everybody has talent – Some have more than others – But talent is not enough!”

From the formative years in karting, through graduation to car racing, and beyond, Team Canada Scholarship (TCS) is focused on helping guide young amateur up and coming drivers to get their careers moving in the correct direction and help provide them with the tools they will need to make it in the competitive industry of motorsport!

  • Motorsport is expensive. The Team Canada Scholarship (TCS) is not just about racing on the track. We work with TCS drivers to help them develop off the track to aid them in developing the business of being a race driver.
  • Visibility. The TCS program will help get its drivers visibility on a global stage.
  • Development. TCS is an intensive development program featuring professionals with years of motorsport experience which will enhance a driver’s development in a very short time.
  • Pride. Nothing feels better than for an athlete to be able to represent their country. This is a chance for a driver to represent Canada on the global stage.

Our unique shoot-out-based program introduces drivers to the other side of the business – that’s as important as how fast they are in a car.

If you think you really have the drive to make it as a professional racing driver, Register Today and start sharing with us Your Story and Your Success.

“You Could Be Our Next Scholarship WINNER!”

Team Canada Scholarship members
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