Team Canada Scholarship has partnered with James Hinchcliffe to unveil the 2022 Team Canada Scholarship Shootout. Set to take place in late summer 2022, the Team Canada Scholarship Shootout will evaluate six young Canadian driver hopefuls, with the winning two drivers to represent Canada at the Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy races in the UK.

“I am very excited about the return of the Team Canada Scholarship for 2022,” said Brian Graham, Team Canada Scholarship founder. “It will be our 10th appearance, and I am thrilled to have James Hinchcliffe and Robert Wickens involved with our team. With the creation of this new shootout to select two exciting new talents to represent Canada next fall, at the Formula Ford Festival, the future of our Team Canada Scholarship program is bright.”

Past alumni of the Team Canada Scholarship program include Garett Grist, Scott Hargrove, Parker Thompson and Zach Robichon, and Hinchcliffe said he’s looking forward to helping discover new Canadian talent.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the Team Canada Scholarship program,” he said. “It’s great what Brian and the team have done over the years, and I think moving forward we can make the program even better and really showcase the driving talent that we have coming up in Canada.”

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